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Eating good should feel good, too, and that starts with honesty in every bite.

Local, Sustainable, Farm-Fresh…able.

We believe good starts at the source. We partner sustainably and locally, with natural farm partners and trusted Texas distributors.

We use only the purest ingredients, and make everything fresh right here in-house.

The Truth is in the Tacos (and Bowls, and Everything Else)

Everything on our menu (and we do mean everything) is celiac-friendly, and our facility is fully gluten and soy-free, and we offer a range of vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, and diet-friendly menu options.

To us, eating right should feel right, for everyone without compromise.

Back to Basics, Bowls, and Breakfast

We’re bringing tacos back to their basics, but also, into bowls. Any of our tacos can be converted into diet-friendly bowls, and we have breakfast available all day, every day.